It really, really did. From the start this morning things pissed me off. Little things, but a bunch of them. So yeah. I was sooooo happy to be able to get out of the building at work for 45 minutes at lunch. It was super sunny and warm out today and it gave me just the boost I needed to get thru the rest of the day without killing someone.

I ended up hitting up Taco Bell with my friend Jaime for lunch. I always forget how icky their food makes me feel until after I’ve eaten it. So I was sluggish the rest of the afternoon and felt like hiding under my desk for a nap. That probably wouldn’t have gone over too well with my boss, so no rest for me. Lemme tell ya I was sooooo happy when I got to leave that place today.

Last night I started reading the book Intuitive Eating. I’ve been looking for a new way of eating so I’m not counting everything all the time. That is seriously so nerve racking! I have never been one to really think about what I’m eating without putting some sort of numerical value on it (calories, fat grams, etc.) and I think it’s gotten me so frazzled that I just wanted to give up completely. Then I found the book. I am really excited about it because it makes sooooo much sense! If we go back to eating like we did when we were kids…eating until we are satisfied, not overly-stuffed, and then pushing the plate away…we will eventually settle at our natural weight without counting anything. Of course you can’t just eat fried junk all day and expect to lose weight, so I will also be working on revamping my diet to include mostly whole foods, and the baked goods that I consume will all be made by me, from scratch. No store-bought cakes, cookies, etc. That won’t be too hard because I already like to bake and don’t really keep any processed baked goods in the house now. Exercise will definitely be key for me as well. My metabolism is slower due to me having PCOS, so it is more difficult for me to lose weight than your average person. I love exercise though. An hour at the gym makes me feel so refreshed and invigorated! I have to remember to be moderate with it though, because I have an addictive personality and could easily fall back into being obsessed with it.

Well, have a good evening everyone…all 1 or 2 of you, lol.