For my first post, here is a list of the things I will never again do in my life:

* count calories or use a food diary
* label foods “good” or “bad”
* feel guilty when I over-indulge
* obsess about exercise
* step on a scale more than once a month
* care what other people think of my appearance
* dye my hair bleach blonde (gotta fix that tonight)

I’m sure I will add to this list in the future. I hope you enjoy my daily musings and just plain ramblings. I have a lot on my mind most days and no outlet for it, so it will probably spill straight from my brain onto this blog. Feel free to comment, and feel free to not. Hopefully some of the things I have to say will inspire you to better your life or continue to build a healthy one. There will be days when I feel defeated, and I will say so, but I will not let those days deter me. I am here for the long haul, and I am committed to finding a healthy balance in my life. Advice is welcome 🙂